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Running low on kitten things! Once they’re gone they aren’t gonna be back! Grab em at #darkmooncult
Why isn’t it Friday yet?

Juicy Fruit Strawberry short online now ! #darkmooncult #strawberry #juicyfruit
Juicy Fruit Strawberry short online now ! #darkmooncult #strawberry #juicyfruit
Just got this velvet in the mail today #darkmooncult
I fucking love this strawberry fabric. So I made something I would never wear myself haha. Brave ladies, you can grab a pair at #strawberry #juicyfruit #darkmooncult
Dark shadows garter belt + matching thing now available in three colors only at #darkmoon #darkmooncult #darkshadows #garter #thighhighs  (at )

Anonymous asked: Have you ever used berry blast by splat? If so can you post a pic to see the results of the color please?:)

Sorry for the delay, I have used their pink fetish color over existing purple dye to achieve the berry color in my most recent hair post.
The main thing to know about splat is the lighter you bleach your hair the brighter and longer your color will last. The downside to splat is it bleeds a lot every thing your hair gets wet so it does fade kind of fast. I have to redye at least once a month.

Brand new Dark Shadows long sleeve crops now available only at ! #darkmooncult #mesh#darkshadows #scottsmallin #handmade