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Daks Fall 2014
My graphic design skills are laughable but hey new cards! #threadwizard #vistaprint

Anonymous asked: How do you hand make your pink alien shorts? Do you actually put the image on the shorts? Can you do custom images?

The fabric is printed specially for me and yes I can do any high res image

Anonymous asked: Where do you buy your fabric?

Online and locally

Last chance ends in 1.5 hrs!

I got some new glasses from @coastaldotcom #derekcardigan #coastaldotcom by threadwizard

Dis is me

Brand new weed and guns print crops and shorts plus everything is still 25% off with coupon happy420 ! #darkmooncult #420 #sale #guns #ammo #weed


Makpal Abdrazakova
27-year-old berkutchi (she hunts competitively with a trained eagle) from central Kazhakstan
Story here

So not only is this woman a complete badass, I also love the embroidery on her jacket. As well as, you know, her general BADASSERY.
This is the last day of the sale on my etsy site! #darkmooncult #420