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Sporting @darkmooncult pastel spanks. #darkmooncult #model #fashion


Me and bae
Here is a detail shot. Please see my last post for size and purchase information. This is taken through glass with no filter in sunlight. Thanks. #threadwizard
Couple of teasers by @katattackphoto featuring Dark Moon Cult hologram skirt and garter belts and shorts! Can’t wait to see them all !!! via @PhotoRepost_app
ok ladies! I have finally gotten cleaned up from the floods and also have working internet. I’m back to sewing all day (while waitig for the a\c repairman ) If your order was delayed it should go out tomorrow or Monday. Thanks for understanding!

by Jackie Dunn Smith
Down to the last run of this top. 6 or less left in each size xs-L. Won’t be making them again! All the other stuff with this fabric is sold out ! Get it now at #darkmooncult #alien


Oyster Fashion: ‘Chinatown’ Shot By Christine Hahn

Happier this way and it’s beyond my control, people just won’t let you be.  Focus on yourself more, because I am definitely not thinking of you. I love my dog and my apartment. Peace.
Sorry for not posting lately. I’ve got a ton of orders and am also dealing with flooding caused by a broken fire sprinkler. I never thought those things sprayed so much !! At least now I know if there was a fire I wouldn’t burn down ! Anyways if you need to contact me please email internet is also down but I will check it on my phone. #ughhhhhhhh